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What is Joie?

Joie helps employees access 3rd (work) places they love;

Overcoming loneliness and elevating employee experience, when remote – near home or around the world.

Imagine being invited by a colleague, working in a box at your favorite sports stadium, touring memorabilia with a retired legend for 15 mins and meeting other baseball aficionados during coffee breaks.

Then having a similar workplace experience with startups at an innovation hub a few days later, or at the botanical gardens.

So Joie is building the global brand that meets the need for flexibility and human connection.

Whether flexibility to live anywhere, pursue interests or connect with friends; Joie enables joy.

We do this by partnering with underutilized public places, leveraging their stories and communities to deliver non-traditional workplaces.

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Flexibility is here to stay

We need choice and flexibility, but we still crave human connection and belonging.
Without human connections, we cannot thrive. Employees can feel isolated when remote. Loneliness, Boredom and Distraction are rising with #WFH

But alas, We are growing more LONELY!

Joie helps employees access 3rd (work) places they love; overcoming loneliness

Flexibility & Belonging = Joy

Joie enables flexibility to live anywhere, pursue interests or connect with friends.

#unreasonableworkplaces #placesforlife

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