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It’s a problem for the ages – recently rebranded as #WFH vs. #RTO. “Rebuild Employee Experience” as termed by a recent McKinsey study of CEOs.

As leaders focused on both growing their business and nurturing talent at scale, their ability to enter markets, hit product deadlines and get the best people are inhibited by these two discrete choices with major tradeoffs.

Symptoms of this problem are felt as an escalating loneliness epidemic among employees and higher burnout rates among managers. 


Joie allows leaders to offer distributed human centric employee experiences when employees are remote; and support managers with the ability to toggle recruitment, retention, and engagement.

In a remote work environment, where physical proximity is reduced, trust becomes even more critical. Managers who prioritize trust can cultivate high-performing remote teams and create a positive work culture that drives success. When employees feel trusted, valued, and respected by their managers, they are more engaged in their work, feel psychologically safe and committed to the organization’s goals. Demonstrate trust to your teams, unleash them with the freedom of workplace choice. Joie!

Lead the way in shaping the future of work by securing talent for today and tomorrow. Be the leader you were meant to be!

Employer of Choice

Embracing a distributed work environment opens opportunities to tap into a wider pool of talent.

With the ability to do boundaryless hiring, organizations can recruit and retain top performers regardless of their location.

This allows for diverse and inclusive teams that bring different perspectives and skills to the table, driving innovation and creativity.

Citizenship & WellBeing

The ability to work remotely provides employees with greater control over their work-life balance.

They can avoid lengthy commutes, spend more time with their families, and engage in personal activities that contribute to their well-being.

Employees become more active citizens, involved in their local communities, and pursue external interests.

By promoting work-life balance, organizations can foster happier and healthier employees who are more likely to perform at their best.

Enable Productivity Gains

By eliminating long commutes and minimizing workplace distractions, workers can focus on their tasks and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Studies have shown that remote work can lead to greater output and efficiency.

When individuals have the freedom to choose where and when they work, they often experience higher job satisfaction and motivation. This, in turn, can lead to increased employee engagement and retention.

Environmental Impact

By utilizing existing places, reducing commuting distances, optimizing space usage, and benefiting from shared resources, Joie customers are actively mitigating climate change and promoting environmental responsibility.

With Joie, your employees lower their carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and air pollution.

The shared utilization of existing places improves resource efficiency, reducing demand for physical resources such as office furniture, equipment, and supplies, minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposal.

Cost Effectiveness

Joie enables organizations to optimize the use of office spaces and align costs with strategy.

Instead of maintaining large, underutilized office buildings, companies can scale down their real estate footprint and ensure employee have the choice of quality workplaces through Joie.

During times of uncertainty such as market entry, gaps between leases or cost reductions, Joie is the solution.

Your choice of Joie reduces energy consumption and waste generation associated with maintaining and operating traditional office spaces.

These cost savings can be reallocated to other strategic initiatives, investments, or employee benefits such as Joie, ultimately improving the organization’s financial health.


This may not surprise you. Chances are, you or someone you know has been struggling with loneliness. And that can be a serious problem. Loneliness and weak social connections are associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even greater than that associated with obesity.

But we haven’t focused nearly as much effort on strengthening connections between people as we have on curbing tobacco use or obesity. Loneliness is also associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, and anxiety. At work, loneliness reduces task performance, limits creativity, and impairs other aspects of executive function such as reasoning and decision making.

For our health and our work, it is imperative that we address the loneliness epidemic quickly.

Recommendations of the Surgeon General’s report on Loneliness; Health and Human Services 2023

  • Create a Culture of Belonging
  • Protect Employee’s Relationship Beyond Work
  • Implement Equitable Policies to foster Flexibility
  • Prioritize Social Connection
  • Train, Resource and Empower
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Educate the Workforce

Community & Connections, when Remote

A lack of community and connection issues are driving talented employees to leave their jobs. Employees are frustrated when they cannot find a community that aligns with their interests. They don’t feel like they have the freedom to be themselves.

We believe third (work)places can be a catalyst to build connections and community, overcoming loneliness. Joie allows people to create connections with a choice of communities that reflect them, and hopefully induce happiness at work.

How It Works

Support and Engage employees globally.
Share Workplace Experiences with Work Besties,
during In Person One on Ones, and with Clients.
Use Connections to Deepen Relationships and Foster Learning.
Monthly allocation for each employee based on equity,
Or Companywide funding pool with group accountability.
Institute Safeguards reflecting Culture & Policies.
Gain Insights on Employee Experience, beyond Office.